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Daniel Mark Miller

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Senior Compositor and Filmmaker

I am a Senior Digital Compositor, 2D Lead and filmmaker with more than 10 years experience across Film, TV and Advertising. Foundry Nuke is my primary tool but I use Mocha, Maya, V-Ray and Python and other tools to get the job done.

This is my first website built in Python and Django

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Digital Compositing

I have been working in VFX for over a decade across feature film, high end TV and commercials. I have a deep knowledge of Compositing principals and Foundry's Nuke Software among other packages.


I have worked across full gamut of content creation from editing documentary, to filming live events to directing short film and music videos.

Python Scripting

I have been using Python for over 8 years to assist in daily compositing tasks. This website is also built in Python.

VFX Training

I have trained up a number of junior artists who are now successful artists in their own rights. I am the author of the Pluralsight course: Multipass Rendering with V-Ray and Maya: https://pluralsight.pxf.io/boBz6


I have written and directed a number of short films and recently my short -screenplay "Broken Toy" has just won the Screenplay Short category of The New Renaissance Film Festival 2020 having previosuly placed Finalist and Semi-Finalist in a number of other festivals I was interviewed by Geoffrey D Calhoun of the Script Summit: https://www.scriptsummit.com/post/in-the-spotlight-daniel-miller

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