Ephermeral, Fire and Flowers

posted: May 18, 2020, 9:36 p.m.

Since I've been at home I have been filming in the garden using my old Canon Rebel T3i. I have some Canon FD lenses I got a job lot on ebay - since these are full frame lenses they actually work differently to the labelled - for example there is a 50mm, which essentially functions as an 80mm on the T3i sensor (you effectively multiply the lens value by 1.6 for field of view, DOF etc...)

Fire Macro

It's all a bit shaky as hand held with telephoto on a DSLR is wont to be but I quite like the aesthetic.

I also have a macro-diopter attachemnt that screws onto the 50mm and an 80-120mm telephoto zoom (again that's based on full frame, so it's effectively 1.6 times longer than that). I thought I would use these to create a little video exclusively with macro and telephoto shots of flowers, insects and fire (from a bbq).

The telephoto took a little dent on a trip to Scotland but is otherwise unharmed. Canon T3i and FD Lenses

I set the whole thing to a Jazz Dub track, Ephermeral, created by my good friend Mikus Gorecki / AKA Aketi Ray. You can buy the album here.

Flower Macro

I shot it h264 using Prolost flat which is basically a poor-man's "log" (it's not really log, just low contrast). Whole thing edited in Blackmagic Resolve.

You can view the finished piece here

modified May 22, 2020, 4:10 p.m.

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